DTR 4902 / 4904

The NEW Compact Power FM Transmitter

PLISCH´s new Compact FM Serie with a range from 100 to 5000 Watt (and more), available in single drive, dual drive or N+1 configurations for the maximum redundancy level. The philosophy of Plisch FM transmitters provides a high reliability granted by very robust power supplies and amplification circuits, manufactured with MOSFET that is able to guarantee excellent performances, with very high efficiency and consequent low heating of all components.

Through the very user friendly touch screen interface it is possible to check or change the complete system parameters. All these information can be also managed remotely by the network interface on the back panel, otherwise even locally by using the Ethernet connector on the front panel.

Individual Solutions

Our sales engineers will gladly help you with your individual solutions.


  • Crystal Digital Sound purity

  • Fully Digital Signal Processing

  • Embedded RDS generator

  • Auto-calibration at power-on

  • Internal 32-bit Digital Signal Processing

  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio

  • Lifetime upgradeable firmware

  • Absolutely no analogue trimming points

  • Single-chip Digital Processing guarantees maximum compactness

  • Minimum BOM, maximum long-term reliabilty

  • Fully remotely controllable by WEB/SNMP interface

  • 1 pps and 10 MHz inputs for Synchro FM Operation
  • Typical Efficiency at 98MHz: 76%


  • N+1 Redundancy configurations available from 1+1 to 4+1 (expandable)

Technical Data

Series 4902 FM Band:




4902.A 100W
4902.B 200W
4902.C 300W
4902.D 500W

* = Output Power before filter

Series 4904 FM Band:




4904.A 3000W
4904.B 5000W

* = Output Power before filter