TDA 4300

Discover the Liquid Cooled Transmitter

PLISCH’s Liquid Cooled Transmitter offers a unique compact design with the highest power density per m2. Available with Doherty technology, IP seamless switching and integrated pump unit.

Individual Transmitter Design

Now it is possible to house up to eight (8) transmitters in one cabinet or integrate the pump unit and two mask filters in the same cabinet.
YOU decide and WE will support you.


  • Highly compact integrated liquid cooling unit


  • Highly compact design and modular structure

  • Enhanced adaptive pre-correction

  • ETI/ASI/IP seamless switching

  • Quality monitoring of MER and shoulder attenuation

  • Simple installation, service and maintenance

  • Optional Doherty technology

  • Optional integrated pump unit

Integrated liquid cooling

It becomes more and more important to reduce the space for the entire transmitter system. Very often the station is rented by our customers and each sqm less saves costs. Or the space in the building or container is limited and only the most compact solution fits in.
Plisch has the smallest footprint per rack with only 1 m depth for the liquid cooled transmitter. With the integrated liquid cooling unit it has the perfect solution to reduce space and save installation costs.

Flexible transmitter design from the inventor of the Multi-TX

Plisch was always best-known for flexibility in its transmitter design. For example eight transmitters or an n+1 Transmitter system in one 19 inch cabinet can be realized as well as build-in mask filter, pump unit and other 3rd party equipment.


  • Single Drive

  • Dual Drive (Passive exciter reserve)

  • Passive Reserve

  • n+1 Reserve (n up to 8)

  • Active Reserve with 3dB release

  • Customer specified reserve systems are available on request

Technical Data


4301 1300W
4302 2600W
4303 3800W
4304 5100W
4305 6400W
4306 7400W
4308 9800W
4310 12300W
4312 14300W
4316 19000W
4320 23800W

* = Output Power before filter – Higher Power on request