MON 5300 DAB+ Monitoring Receiver

Discover the DAB+ Monitoring Receiver

MON 5300 is a professional dab monitoring receiver for transmitter, content and field monitoring. Its modular design enables flexible configuration for various specific applications.



  • Transmitter monitoring

  • RF measurements and synchronization monitoring

  • Content verification and monitoring

  • Listen to DAB over IP

  • Relay (ball) reception, e.g. for FM

  • Off-air EDI reconstruction for DAB retransmission

  • Field measurements and verification

  • Short-term logging and analysis

Key Features

Depending on the configuration, the following key features are available:

  • Field proven DAB demodulator

  • Parallel full Ensemble decoding complete

  • CompleteEDI reconstruction from RF

  • Full ensemble EDI output to LAN

  • Simultaneous decoding of all audio and data services

  • Extensive RF measurements

  • Browser-based HTML5 user interface with remote audio and data streaming