PGC 3000

Precision GPS/GLONASS Clock

The PGC 3000 is by far the most compact professional redundant GPS clock on the market. It combines a fullfeatured, redundant high quality reference clock in only one height unit. A wide range of applications is covered by the PGC 3000, where highly accurate reference signals as well as precise time stamps are needed.
The device is ideally suited for digital video and radio broadcasting applications.

The PGC 3000 is built according to the highest reliability aspects. It has full redundancy in antenna, cable, GPS receiver, oscillator, power supply module and supply line.

The PGC 3000 is a perfect complement to the Plisch transmitter product line. It can feed several digital video and audio transmitters with reference signals.

By replacing the integrated GPS receivers in the transmitter system, it provides a cost-effective solution in only one height unit which yields not only saving of
expenses but also technical benefits.


Key Features

  • Most compact redundant dual GPS clock available on the market


  • Two fully redundant high performance reference signal modules (GPS receiver and OCXO) with seperate antennas

  • Pre-Warning concept: early module switching if module failure is anticipated

  • Two fully redundant power supplies and supply lines

  • Hot pluggable modules (power supply & GPS module) accessible from the front panel

  • Remote management over HTTP/SNMP in Plisch GUI Look&Feel or relay contacts

  • Time server applications over NTP or TOD (time of day) interface

  • Remote software upgrade over Ethernet

  • 8 x 1 PPS output and 8 x 10 MHz output in one height unit

  • Additional output extensions available (customized): 7 x 1 PPS, 7 x 10 MHz, 7 x 2,048 MHz

  • Auxiliary 1 PPS reference input