Plisch building, 1955


The passionated engineer Hans Helmut Plisch founded Plisch Nachrichtentechnik in Viernheim.
Ever since the beginning in 1955, PLISCH promoted the worldwide success of electronic information media through the provision of important technical facilities.

Panorama Receiver EP 36

1960 – 1970

PLISCH started its business with radio interference measuring and television measuring equipment. Later, PLISCH specialized in the development of television transmission systems and associated measuring equipment. In the 70s, PLISCH introduces the famous “Jolly B“, the first TV transposer in modular architecture.

Transmitter Jolly B

1971 – 1980

PLISCH’s tube power amplifiers up to 20 kW with a maintenance free coaxial cavity resonator have been brought to market and were sold worldwide by Rohde & Schwarz in the 80s and 90s. Later, with the introduction of the transistor technology, the cooperation was finished.

Transmitter for Vietnam


Introduction of PLISCH’s Tristan transmitter series, a modular based and relaible transmitter system.

Many transmitters of this type are still in operation.

PLISCH today


In the year 2000 PLISCH changed the owners and orientated more to the international market. Hans H. Plisch GmbH & Co. KG was founded.

Transmitter Series 3000


Introduction of the Series 3000 with market leading design.

It was the most efficient transmitter system at this time.



Innovacom invested in PLISCH. Innovacom has invested over 1 billion Euros in hundreds of technological start-ups in the digital economy.

IBC Innovation Award 2011


Implementation of the first DVB-T2 transmitter network with Ericsson. We won the IBC Innvovation Award 2011.

Low Power Transmitter Series 4000


PLISCH starts the introduction of the Series “4000” – the most efficient transmitter system with the latest Doherty technology.

60th Anniversary


PLISCH celebrates its 60th birthday.

Contract extension with Swisscom


PLISCH has extended its contract with Swisscom for DVB & DAB transmitters and has been successful with a major part of the DVBV-T2 rollout in Germany.

Business growth embraces USA Market


Another profitable year, where PLISCH has entered the market USA with high power transmitter (40 kW) and the first ATSC  3.0 transmitter was delivered to South Korea.