Dual Cast Transmitter

The Series 4000 impresses with highest efficiency on the market combined with the proved reliability.

The power efficiency is up to 40% in UHF Band IV/V and up to 50% in VHF Band III.
The space-saving, compact and flexible design provides different configuration options, as e.g. up to eight (8) transmitters in only one rack or integrated pump unit and mask filter in the transmitter cabinet.

Ducted Air cooled

(1000 W - 6100 W)

Liquid cooled

(2800 W - 49600 W)



Highest Efficiency

  • Latest Doherty technology
  • Improvement of efficiency due to transistor voltage fine tuning
  • Brilliant enhanced adaptive pre-correction
  • High efficient speed controlled pumps and blowers
  • Most effective air cooling design with flexible air in- and outlet which saves cooling cost on station
  • Revolutionary design with focus on the minimization of power loss over the transmitter system
  • Passionate engineers achieving the goal to reduce the power consumption and keep the highest PLISCH quality standard

Flexibility & Compactness

  • World smallest footprint on high power transmitters saves rental cost
  • Plisch is the inventor of the Multi-TX principle – Since decades the key strength is a flexible and tailored transmitter design
  • Most compact integrated liquid cooling unit available on the market leaves space for more
  • Customized project for each ordered transmitter respecting the customer wishes
  • Best of two worlds – Low power transmitter combines a compact unit with a modular based design philosophy


  • Complete in-house production and assembly – Engineered and Made in Viernheim
  • Extensive test procedures for each tiniest component
  • Close R&D partnerships with key suppliers
  • ISO 9001 certificate

Maintenance & Service

  • Quick connection feature for all components simplifies the replacement without tools and saves maintenance cost
  • Remote monitoring of transmitter quality and performance (MER , shoulder attenuation, temperatures and much more)
  • With SNMP logging pre-fault-alert function possible
  • Easiest Installation
  • Remote software upgrade

Cost of Ownership

  • Highest efficiency on the market
  • Smallest transmitter footprint
  • Best flexibility in transmitter customization
  • Easiest installation and maintenance
  • Focus on quality and reliability
  • We help you to save cost and get the highest return-of-investment